Life On The Borderline

“Life on the Borderline” provides a taste of the unique historical and cultural heritage of the Borough of Berwick-upon-Tweed and the neighbouring districts. A variety of organisations interested in promoting the history and heritage of the area contributed to this CD-Rom.

The Friends of Berwick and District Museum and Archives organised the Project, working with a variety of community-based organisations and local history groups, supported by a grant from the Local Heritage Initiative.

The Project aims to record, celebrate and raise awareness of the history and culture of the local communities, and builds on ideas and plans brought forward by local groups during the Union of the Crowns festival staged in Berwick between March 2003 and May 2004.

The festival marked the 400th anniversaries of the Union of the Crowns of Scotland and England and the granting of the Royal Charter of King James VI/I. The programme of activities and events was organised by a steering group led by the Friends of Berwick and District Museum and Archives.

This CD contains sections covering a wide range of local history topics, illustrating the variety of activities undertaken by the groups that took part in the “Life on the Borderline” project.

The CD also includes historical background relating to the Union of the Crowns and an illustrated record of the year-long festival.