Scroll provide copywriting services for a variety of state, semi-state and private bodies, working within both print and New Media. Working under the direction of Scroll and the Department For Education and Skills, Simprim Studio designed and produces the Young Apprentice newsletter and associated print material.

Young Apprenticeships have been introduced as part of the Government's drive to create a first-class system of vocational and technical learning, offering young people a wider choice of flexible learning routes, and at the same time helping to narrow the skills gap. The Young Apprenticeship programme offers pupils aged between 14 and 16 a practical style of learning involving time spent in a work setting. The programme offers pupils the chance to gain a taste of 'real work' in a supported way, and to lay the foundations for a post-16 Apprenticeship whilst retaining the full range of other options for future training or study.

Progression documents
The "Choices after Young Apprenticeships" progression documents provide information for students and partners. The Students document is produced in both print and new media versions. The Partners document is produced solely in a new media version.
Choices after Young Apprenticeships: Progression information for Students










Choices after Young Apprenticeships: Progression information for Partners










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